Welcome to Inspira

 “INSPIRA is the name of our new project – it contains the word inspiration and refers to the endless spiral – symbol of creation, which is also our logo”.

We Are Inspired by…

…the Aegean sea and the civilizations that thrived around it: the Cycladic, the Minoan, the Mycenaean, the ancient Greek, the Byzantine, as well as the contemporary popular Greek one, to create “art you can wear”.

What Moves Us…

…are the small details hidden in artifacts exhibited in museums, the frescoes and mosaics in palaces and temples – the ones that show how people who lived on the Aegean islands through thousands of years pictured the world.

We Isolate These Details…

…and give them a “new life”. A detail from a Minoan ring buried for centuries in Knossos might become a silk print on a t-shirt! A part from a wall-painting of Thera might decorate a bag!

Our products are t-shirts, scarves, pareo, bags and handmade jewels, made by Greek craftsmen.

More About Us

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inspira art you can wear

“Joy in looking and comprehending is Nature’s most beautiful gift”. Albert Einstein